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Enterprise Architecture

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SyApps’ IT Enterprise Architecture Strategy is a structured set of strategies and execution steps to transform the enterprise from a current state to the desired future condition. It’s an organized collection of activities that describe what must be done to change the entire enterprise focusing on the business, process, data, application and Infrastructure architecture layers.

The transformation begins with a vision of what the enterprise aspires to become and a plan to achieve it. The vision is a statement of what the enterprise aspires to become in the distant future.

The strategy is the transformation plan to achieve the vision by assessing where the organization is presently and where they want to be in the future with a set timeline. The transformation plan is composed of various key components which include the following six areas: Culture, Business, Process, Data and Reporting, Application and Infrastructure.

IT Enterprise Architecture

SyApps, LLC’s Enterprise Architecture IT framework is a structured path to a future state where the entire organization has a very strong understanding of where the organization is moving to and what supporting technologies enable the process. Our approach to achieving the transformation is to consider each layer as an Architecture layer with a defined set of Principles that will be the ground rules by which each of the Architecture layers will be defined.

Our Methodology is comprised of templates and methods to assess the organization in terms of business priorities using a heat map analysis. We work through each of the Architecture layers to define intermediate-state and end-state factoring in timeline horizons to achieve the state.

We strongly believe that both the Business and the Process layer drive the rest of the layers and help define the roadmap of projects which become initiatives to launch as the organization moves toward achieving the desired state. The key to a successful Enterprise Transformation is an integrated Project Management office that understands, manages and oversees the multiple initiatives and bring them together towards a successful implementation.

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