DaaS Tampa

DaaS (Desktop as a Service)

Virtual Desktop as a Service

Logging on to each and every computer to make the same changes is tedious and time-consuming. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offloads the burden of maintaining your IT desktop infrastructure so you can use your technology, not be tied down supporting it. When using virtual desktop services that are hosted on a cloud server, SyApps’ DaaS makes it easy to complete a major upgrade once that becomes available to every user’s virtual IT desktop when they log in.


SyApps is so committed to your efficiency and security, we built our own cloud-based virtual desktop—MySecureDesktop—from the ground up. Instead of struggling to keep up with all the demands that go along with maintaining your own technology platform, you can get all the functionality of a complete Windows-based virtual desktop hosted within our highly compliant data center. All you need is Internet or mobile connection, and your apps and files are accessible from anywhere, on any device.


Advantages of DaaS over conventional desktops:

Increase mobility

No more closing and saving files on your desktop whenever you shut down your device. Files stay open with your virtual IT desktop support, giving you access from anywhere using tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

Prevent data loss

Onsite workstations are susceptible to damage in the event of a disaster. With DaaS, your data is securely stored in a remote location. SyApps’ business continuity solutions ensure your employees access their desktops and applications without interruption.

Save time and money

After setting up your cloud-based virtual desktops, the total cost of ownership for each workstation is drastically reduced. It’s estimated by industry analysts that DaaS decreases your hardware capital expenditure by more than 50 percent and reduces ongoing operating expenses. Eliminating costly hardware upgrades saves you money and time.

Access everything you need, anytime, from anywhere with DaaS.