Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure IT as a Service (IaaS) is the foundation of cloud computing. Instead of purchasing or leasing space in an expensive data center to maintain and deploy servers, networks, and storage, you can simply rent the space and resources you need in a virtual data center.


SyApps gives you all of the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service, while you pay only for the resources you consume—including CPU cores, RAM, hard disk or storage space, and data transfer. Get the convenience and simplicity of using virtual servers and storage without the expense and maintenance headaches.

Infrastructure as a Service Benefits

Benefits of SyApps’ IaaS Solution:

Scale quickly

Resources are available as and when you need them. Expand capacity with no delays and eliminate wasted unused capacity.

Get predictable
pay-as-you-go pricing

Access the service on demand and pay only for the resource you actually use. This makes budgeting predictable and simple.

Eliminate hefty hardware investments

SyApps takes care of the physical hardware, including set up and maintenance. Save time and money that can be invested in more strategic areas.

Gain anywhere access

Access the service from any location as long as there’s an Internet connection and it’s allowed by the security protocol of the cloud.

Strengthen security and enhance
redundancy with IaaS.