Server Colocation

Server Colocation

Server Colocation Services and Hosting

Controlling costs and being resilient is critical to your success. SyApps’ server colocation services house your servers in secure data centers—saving you money while improving security and uptime. We’ll keep you running 24/7 without the hassles of developing and supporting a data center on your own.

Server Colocation Support

Benefits of SyApps‘ Server Colocation:


Your computer can change in an instant—skyrocketing overnight and, at other times, dipping drastically low. Instead of having to add staff or buy more equipment that may end up sitting idle, simply call us to scale your service up or down.

Security and stability

Our security measures include biometric scanners, closed-circuit cameras, onsite security, coded access, alarm systems, and more. If you move offices, get hit with a power outage or suffer a disaster, there are multiple backup generators and contingencies in place to ensure there’s never an interruption in service.


Why bog down your budget with having to buy and maintain a climate-controlled data center, with high-bandwidth speeds and excellent redundancy? SyApps does it for you so you can put all your attention on strategic business operations.


Save money and turn unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses. You only pay for your own equipment, not a whole data center, making budget easier and allocating resources more efficient.

Strengthen security and reduce costs using a shared data center.