Virtual Server Hosting Services

Virtual Server Hosting Services

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual server hosting services are a great way to run faster and go further. By combining virtual machines onto fewer physical servers, you consume less power, cut down on waste and decrease your carbon footprint—becoming more efficient and productive. SyApps brings experience in creating and implementing solutions across all areas of server virtualization to make sure your applications and processes run more smoothly and securely.

Virtual Server Hosting

Benefits of SyApps’ Virtual Server Hosting Services:

Server software modification

Have the freedom to modify your software as needed. This includes the operating system kernel, which isn’t always the case with other virtualization solutions, such as private virtual servers.

Stability and security

Isolate software issues so cloud server problems stay contained. If specific users overload their cloud servers, this has no impact on others because resources are dedicated and stability is guaranteed.

Economically more efficient

For an affordable cost, cloud servers provide you with more resources than standard dedicated servers. They run faster, easily scale and can be quickly upgraded with CPU, memory and disk space.

Best cost-ratio performance

Cloud servers don’t suffer from the usual server hardware problems, while delivering all the cloud benefits of being stable, fast and secure.

Stay competitive with a scalable, affordable business environment.