Virtualization Support

Virtualization Support

Virtualization Support Services

Greater scalability, agility, and cost control are essential for meeting your goals profitably and efficiently. A virtualization IT infrastructure is an ideal way to expand your IT assets while reducing capital expenditures.


SyApps automates virtualized IT processes and creates an elastic environment for computing, storage, and networking resources. Rely on SyApps’ dedicated experts to focus on the day-to-day management of data and network virtualization. Our advanced monitoring and management tools ensure you optimize the use of your IT assets while delivering the virtualization support you depend on.


Give your team the flexibility and freedom they need while still maintaining control. Look to SyApps to handle every detail of implementing Citrix XenApp and VMware solutions. Plus, we built our own cloud-based virtual desktop solution—MySecureDesktop—from the ground up. We know technical expertise isn’t your core skill set, so rather than simply providing you with a call center, we give you direct lines to our support team and engineers. Count on our experts to assess, design and deliver the right virtualization IT solution for you.

Cloud Based Virtual Desktop

Benefits of SyApps’ Virtualization Support Services:

Increase availability and uptime

Consolidating your software applications, operating systems and hardware platforms means fewer redundant physical devices are needed to serve as primary machines. This maximizes uptime and availability.

Speed up installations

Virtualization allows for fast installation of new applications and services. You no longer have to wait weeks to buy, receive and set up equipment. SyApp simply configures a new virtual machine, router, switch or storage drive using virtualization management, significantly reducing setup times.

Save money

Buy one server license, then host the rest without any extra costs. By having fewer physical servers, you save on power bills, maintenance fees, plus data center space and fees.

Minimize disruption

One of the primary advantages of virtualization is that servers are segregated, operating as though on separate hardware, resulting in less downtime during maintenance periods. Maintenance takes place in a production environment without causing disruptions.

Get the resources you need to do virtually anything—without the cost.