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SyApps brings over 10 years of nationwide experience in finding highly skilled big data professionals for industry-leading companies. SyApps operates a different business model than your typical professional services firm, our expert team has the specialized expertise in big data and data science technologies and knows how to quickly identify experienced and competent talent.


Partner with SyApps to streamline your IT and strategize for the future with our Virtual CIO Services. As your trusted IT consultant, SyApps works remotely with your team at a much lower rate than hiring a dedicated resource. We’ll learn your business processes inside and out, and continuously work to find ways to improve them. Through strategic planning, we’ll ensure your technology is optimized and leveraged to maximize ROI.

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SyApps Emerging Technologies Solutions

Big Data

SyApps’ Big Data Advisory services are based on proven, repeatable methodologies that provide unbiased vendor-neutral recommendations, architecture blueprints and implementation roadmaps.

SyApps helps you define a Big Data strategy and select the appropriate technologies and vendors based on your business requirements and budget. SyApps also ensures it complements your existing data warehouse and BI investments. Our highly experienced consultants have a comprehensive view of the many options available and help you evaluate both commercial product vendors and Open Source options.

Leverage our experienced data scientists and proven methodologies to implement advanced models and algorithms that separate the signals from the noise, discover patterns in the data, and provide predictive insights. Our experts are skilled in machine learning, natural language processing, enterprise search and advanced statistical and mathematical decision science. SyApps is experienced in a broad range of industries such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, travel and entertainment, digital media, healthcare, manufacturing, and others.

SyApps has significant experience with a wide range of data management technologies to accommodate nearly any data science or BI endeavor. Whether you’ve already selected specific solutions or are looking for vendor-neutral recommendations that will drive the best results, we can help using any available technology such as:

Data Storage: Hadoop, MongoDB, MySQL, D3, Google Cloud Storage, SQL Server and Postgres.

Data Management Technologies: Oracle Data Integrator, IBM Data Stage, Informatica, SQL Server Integration Services, Apacge Kafka and Talend.

Analytics and Information Delivery Technoogies: Python, IBM Cognos, Tableau, SQL Server Reporting Services, MicroStrategy, RapidMiner and SAP Business Objects.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is already here and has been applied by businesses already. Computers are used by machine learning to run predictive models which fetch details from existing data in order to detect fraud, demand forecasting or ad targeting. This kind of forecasting turn apps and devices smarter.

Machine learning offers lots of benefits to business which includes rapid processing, analysis, predictions, etc. It provides with the capability to deliver new products and services by lowering the cost of existing products.

SyApps leverages both the private and public cloud as a source of computing to drive advance machine learning solutions. Our globally recognized experts have an advanced thinking in machine learning theory and hence these approaches make us the choice of all corporate big data requirements.

Amazon Machine Learning
The SyApps team makes use of Amazon Machine Learning to provide visualization tools and wizards which can assist you in creating machine learning models without learning complex ML algorithms. It is an easy process to generate the forecasts of your applications by using Amazon ML APIs, without implementing custom prediction generation code or managing any infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based predictive analysis service leveraged by SyApps for creating and deploying predictive models as analytics solutions. Microsoft Azure ML has an in-built graphical drag and drop interface for connecting preprogrammed components of data science corroborated together. If you have an existing Microsoft Azure compute cloud then the integration with the data stored will be simpler and seamless.

Artificial Intelligence

Today Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are penetrating every aspect of the business world, from human-like chat bots being deployed to assist customers to AI-driven platforms being harnessed to automate sales processes. From powering Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana to Google’s Allo, AI is promising a better future. At FuGenX, we help businesses build cutting-edge AI solutions that enable them to achieve a first-mover advantage to be a leader in the better future.

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