Financial IT Services

Financial IT Services

Financial & Banking IT Services

Leverage the strengths of our team to get focused consulting services for your business and technology stakeholders. SyApps uses a holistic approach to developing and implementing financial IT services and solutions operating under the following philosophy and scope.

  • Development of repeatable processes to produce accurate, consistent and timely IT finance and analytical results
  • Automation of business processes and effective use of technology to support the processes
  • Streamlining of reporting processes to serve as effective decision-making tools
  • Build a strong Data Management process
  • Build flexibility for reporting and analysis

The image below highlights our key focus areas and addresses the end-to-end components under Business Analytics, Cost Management, and Accounting Operations.

Financial IT Services

Business Analytics
We realize the value and importance of having robust analytics and metrics around your business and reporting. Organizations continue to be challenged and have recognized the need for stronger analytics, quicker delivery, flexible change management and intelligence around their business metrics and reporting, all within a budget framework.  Identifying the key business drivers and activities along with the market conditions that may impact the results is critical. The impact and value can be significant towards making more informed strategic and operational decisions.

Our Business Analytics services are focused around specific area of business and include the following key tasks and benefits:

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Cost Management
SyApps understands the need organizations have to control and understand their costs, and how they support business and corporate goals. We help you navigate through these challenges, define allocation methodologies, plus identify high-cost processes and infrastructure by delivering business value with optimal returns on investment, all in a cost-controlled environment. Our experienced team understands the benefits and implications of determining business and product profitability as well as deploying cost reduction strategies and process improvements to achieve a more efficient and informed budgets and forecasts.

SyApps’ Cost Management services are focused around specific business functions and include the following key tasks and benefits:

Financial and Banking IT Services

Accounting Operations
SyApps is aware of the industry shift over the last ten years, evidenced by the number of FASB changes, regulatory mandates and disclosure requirements. All of this imposes an incredible burden on CFO’s and Finance divisions. We’ve experienced these changes ourselves in the private sector and have the domain knowledge to assist you through these challenging times. Our experts fully understand the end-to-end implications of change and take a comprehensive view of the project scope, whether large or small, to be delivered successfully and efficiently.

Our Accounting Operations services are focused around specific accounting functions and include the following key tasks and benefits:

Financial IT

We’ll take care of your Financial IT Services so you can take care of what matters most.