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Email is now a mission-critical asset. It’s reported that nearly 145 billion emails are sent every day. It’s clear that email is your lifeline, but it’s also one of your greatest security risks. Cyber-attacks on email systems is a trend that’s here to stay, and that’s why email support is crucial.


Protect your most important form of communication by trusting your email IT support services to the experts at SyApps. We’re proud to offer fully managed Microsoft Exchange hosting at our highly secured Peak 10 data center. Our cloud email services are designed to deliver the ultimate protection with anti-spam solutions, corporate spam filters and more.

Benefits of SyApps’ Email IT Solutions:

Maximum uptime

Our email support services make sure you can communicate effectively 24/7 with a business continuity plan that includes your email servers.

Advanced security

As part of your email IT support services, our experts make sure your email systems are protected from malware and phishing attacks, so your critical business information stays secure.

Comprehensive protection

Collaborating with our disaster recovery team, our experts ensure your email systems are always backed up so you can recover fast following any unexpected emergency.

Expert Microsoft Outlook Support

Along with our Office 365 Management support services, you get full Outlook support. Look to our experts for help with features and services to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

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