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SyApps’ Mortgage IT Consulting services are designed to help you quickly meet the growing demand for skills in the Loss Mitigation segment. Leveraging our GSE experience and the combined knowledge of our core team, we developed a full lifecycle approach that includes the following key areas:

Loss Mitigation

  • Delinquency evaluation
  • Forbearance
  • Short Sales
  • Deed-in-Lieu
  • Foreclosure
  • REO
  • Loan Modification Assessment and Accounting
    • Forbearance
    • Balance/Interest Rate reduction
  • Appropriate use of Government resolution programs
  • Enterprise Reporting Strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Benchmarks
  • Portfolio Analysis

Our Strike Force team helps analyze your portfolio to mitigate losses and manage risks effectively or simply provide additional talent to proactively address some of the common questions such as:

  • Are your practices “Pro-Active” or “Reactive”?
  • Do follow-up dates meet the borrowers “critical reaction period”?
  • Is progress being made in critical process areas?
  • How do you compare to the rest of the industry?

Due Diligence Reviews

SyApps’ talented pool of consultants can review closed loans for eligibility with respect to selling guidelines, DU guide or other negotiated terms, perform risk analysis and make decisions regarding deficiencies identified during the review process, perform desk review of appraisals and more. Our team has in-depth knowledge of GSE underwriting guidelines as well as a broad understanding of the selling and servicing guidelines and Truth-in-Lending (Regulation Z). Services include:

  • Loan Reconstruction
  • Fair Housing
  • Community Redevelopment Act
  • Review Underwriting
  • Review Appraisal

Staff Augmentation

  • Long Term: Add support staff consultants to meet the challenges on an ongoing basis.
  • Short Term: Add a “Strike Force” team to address the critical areas in your Loss Mitigation operations.

Project Management

Large initiatives need efficient program and project management. This emphasis is greater in the loss mitigation space as the scope involves multiple entities and has a direct impact on the customer, lender, servicer and investor. Leverage our Strike Force team’s depth of business knowledge and experience with large organizations for success. Services include:

  • Project Management adoption
  • Project Management Services through PMO
  • Portfolio Management and investment prioritization.

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