Engineering IT


Engineering IT Services

Engineering firms are under increasing pressure to cut costs, work smarter and differentiate themselves competitively. Having the right engineering IT support is essential to your bottom line.


SyApps’ IT engineer services give you an efficient, affordable way to make sure your technology works while getting back the time you need to focus on your core business. We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your assets, identify issues that need immediate attention, list longer-term needs and establish priorities. Our services range from virus protection to long-range planning for network security and stability, and address potential problems before they impact your operations.

Construction IT Services

SyApps’ Engineering IT Services help you:

Collaborate remotely

Your office is anywhere and everywhere you are. You need to be able to access all your documents, from contracts and blueprints to inspection reports. SyApps ensures your shared network is always up and running.

Boost performance

Your engineering IT equipment and software need to operate at peak performance and be properly integrated. From project management systems to CAD/CAM and from your office to your client portal, we put it together so it works seamlessly.

Reduce costs

You face many costs over the span of every project. We help you keep IT costs under control, including the capital costs of owning and licensing technology, the operational costs of keeping that technology running smoothly, and the costs to keep you in compliance.

Improve security

A hacking event, lost equipment or any disaster causes you to lose critical project, client and business data. It creates delays, increases costs and reduces revenue. We’ll protect your critical information with strategic backup, restore and disaster recovery.

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